Comfort Food

Comfort Food

Local Flair and Flavour

You might have travelled a long way to get here. But your food shouldn’t have to. Bristoria chefs work with local suppliers to source fresh ingredients and turn them into simple, honest food. Cooked to perfection. Quick lunch options and takeaway snacks mean there’s no excuse for missing a meal.

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day

Take your time over a leisurely breakfast of freshly brewed coffee and warm baked goods served by your pastry chef. Wholesome dishes, cooked to your liking. Need to grab a bite and run? We’ve got you covered. Takeaway coffee, juice, fruit and pastries will keep you going all morning.


Deli dining for on the go guests

The smell of baking bread and handmade sandwiches under a hot press. These are the aromas of the Deli Dining, a place to relax and recharge. Long flight? Busy day? Maybe you don’t feel like sitting in the restaurant. We understand. Our delis stock food to go, healthy snacks and indulgent treats. Just grab some supplies and jump in your taxi or take them up to your room. You’re good to go.


Minibar essentials

The minibar is the cornerstone of every good hotel room. A place where thirsts are quenched. Ours are stocked with the essentials: water for hydration, tomato juice for a post-flight vitamin hit and a local drink for a sense of place. Personalise yours before arrival and we’ll fill it with whatever you need. Alternatively grab some extras at the deli or the mini-shop.


Local flavours and extra touches

Sample your first taste of local culture with a refreshing hot or cold drink at check-in. Something that celebrates the character and flavours of the destination to kick off your visit. Leave it to us. Staying in? Fruity poolside treats and ice creams are our way of saying thanks. You deserve it.